Along with APEXRAD

Training & Consulting

Increase your expertise and reduce your development time. Problems with implementation and accuracy will take a lot of time from your development team? The best APEXRAD specialists will be with you


Installation of the Oracle APEX hardware and software platform with good and environmentally friendly tools

Develop Applications

We perform all day long: Create and develop fast and innovative custom / web applications and mobile applications using the Oracle APEX.

Oracle APEX community

APEXRAD specialists in the field of Oracle, Oracle APEX are very active in Iran and abroad. Over the past few years, free services have been featured through the release of valuable content in their blogs.

Publish new contents

Publish new contents on Oracle database and tools in Iranian user communities through social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, …

Oracle Society of Iran

APEXRAD team has done effort a lot in recent years to introduce the Oracle Group of Iran to the Oracle World community.


We are a company focused on Oracle products
We have been known via Oracle APEX in Iran and abroad
شرکت پایا شتابان اندیشه (APEXRAD)
Professional experience in Oracle

Our company with over 15 years of professional experience in Oracle Database, Oracle Forms / Reports, … and especially Oracle APEX, we able to implement your requirements. In fact, these are activities that our experts do all day long.

Creative and innovative

Oracle APEX is a professional background and platform for implementing applications that we specialize in. By innovative applications, along with APEXRAD’s proprietary tools, our success is in our business.

Full Stack

We brought together a group of the best developers of Full Stack to easily connect to the database and design application / enterprise / site applications.

Responsibility in Work

Commitment, Responsiveness and Creativity and Our professional principles in APEXRAD are for your cooperation.

Migration from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX

Modernizing Oracle Forms

Oracle APEX is a simple platform for easy selection in order to transfer Oracle Forms applications to modern web applications. The same stored procedures and PL / SQL packets work in APEX in relative terms and cause application development. Oracle Forms, a component of the Middleware tool Oracle Fusion, is an innovative technology that has been popular for building data programs for decades. Today there are many ways to build such programs. Oracle Oracle now offers the use of Oracle Packs to modernize applications based on Oracle Forms.

شرکت پایا شتابان اندیشه (APEXRAD)

Training Courses (We are Oracle APEX Training Expert)

Oracle Database
Oracle APEX
Architectural experience
Professional experience


APEXRAD team, with experience in working with various Oracle tools and Oracle database, can provide the best training on Oracle Apex in large operating environments.

Oracle Forms Developer

If your company, your private and public organization are already using Oracle Forms, or whether they are fluent in SQL or PL / SQL, you can rely on top-notch Oracle Database and Oracle Forms in APEXRAD. Appreciate your talents and personnel in the field of Oracle APEX and take advantage of APEXRAD Professional knowledge transfer.

SQL/PLSQL Developer

If you are a developer interested in Oracle APEX and are familiar with SQL or PL / SQL, Oracle APEX is ahead of you in developing Oracle’s web-based Applications.

Methodology APEXRAD


The APEXRAD workflow is a set of standards, processes and tools implemented and tested in operational environments that helps to reduce project risk and deliver Oracle APEX at a specified cost and expense. When working with us, you will enjoy our deep knowledge and good experience over the years in developing Oracle APEX applications.


Does your development team need counseling and education? APEXRAD brings together the top Oracle APEX expert. An expert can provide the right platform for your development team, provide platform and software implementation standards appropriate to your work environment, familiarize your development team with the correct and secure In Oracle APEX, cost and Identify reduce the time of develop the project and the development challenges along with your team’s training.

Research Center

We (APEXRAD) have created a great center for research, development and implementation of the best practices associated with Oracle APEX. Here, our innovation team develops and designs Oracle APEX, designs patterns, reusable modules, and implementation modalities.

Worthy free works of APEXRAD

From years ago the APEXRAD team has been thinking about creating opportunities and helping to Persian language, especially in Iran.
شرکت پایا شتابان اندیشه (APEXRAD)-ترجمه پیام های APEX

Translate Oracle APEX messages into Persian

However, the Oracle APEX itself, by default, includes 10 languages, but does not include many other languages, including Russian, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, and Persian. So Pretius developed the website and invited developers from each country to translate Oracle APEX messages into this website. The responsibility for translating Persian language was to APEXRAD, which proudly provided Persian translation of Oracle APEX messages as free. Now more than 43 translations from different languages of the world are gathered on this website.

شرکت پایا شتابان اندیشه (APEXRAD)-تقویم فارسی

Solved Persian calendar for Oracle APEX

By default, Oracle APEX have used Gregorian calendar, and this was one of the major issues for developers because they had to use jQuery plugins to display Persian calendar, and the more important is the date item as a type String was stored in the database, not type DATE. This would slow down the queries that used the date field in the bets. The APEXRAD team has been able to overcome this problem and provide the Oracle APEX community with free Persian Calendar Oracle APEX.


Designed IRAN OUG website

IRAN OUG The Oracle Users Group of Iran is focusing on knowledge. The Oracle Users Group of Iran is an unprotected organization formed for Oracle support and training purposes. Group volunteers are often physically combined and interacting. The APEXRAD team has been designing and supporting the site for free, and ultimately the Oracle community in Iran.

Oracle APEX Persian Blog

Oracle APEX Persian Blog In 1394, the focus was on the knowledge of Oracle APEX in Persian. In this blog, from the beginning of the definition of Oracle APEX to the types of installation and the nature of its architecture is fully explained. Also, the first blog in the Persian language that came from Application Express Community -ODTUG APEX blogs. The APEXRAD team traveled this blog to guide the Oracle APEX structure for Persian language.

oracle apex capabilities-oac

Oracle APEX Capabilities- OAC‌ Blog 

OAC Blog A blog in English about Oracle APEX. Its posts are technical, and in each post a series of techniques are described exhaustively and thoroughly. Several posts of this blog were thanked and appreciated by the Oracle APEX community. All the examples are also visible on this OAC site.

The APEXRAD team is here to show you the true meaning of the Oracle APEX professional web application


Oracle APEX Capabilities (OAC)