اوراکل اپکس-authorization APEXRAD - اوراکل APEX

APEXRAD Authorization


The APEXRAD Authorization application is a professional and standalone application that is installed in a completely isolated workspace. All applications in all workspaces defined on your database control with the minimum overhead.

اوراکل اپکس-اوراکل ای پکس translate persian

APEXRAD Persian Translation(FREE)


However, the Oracle APEX itself, by default, includes 10 languages, but does not include many other languages, such as Russian, Persian, … Therefore, each country’s developers were invited so translates Oracle APEX messages and put it in website.

اوراکل اپکس-oracle apex desktop notification

Oracle APEX Desktop Notification


Oracle APEX Desktop Notification is a unique APEXRAD tool created with a new idea. By combining Oracle APEX, the user can inform about the items specified in the popup alert when it is necessary. This tool is also can be customization for customers. This tool is applicable to all operating systems and is independent of the browser.

اوراکل اپکس-OAPEXVPD APEXRAD - اوراکل APEX



The APEXRAD data security application named OAPEX VPD is used to implement security on data in the database layer and provides all the needs of a large programming team for defining, modifying, managing information.

اوراکل اپکس-apexrad welfare application

APEXRAD Welfare Application


Welfare application is another APEXRAD product that integrated of welfare systems into a set of multi-system systems. Includes hotel and restaurant routines, and a variety of features and books, as detailed information and appropriate reports.

اوراکل اپکس-integrate-Oracle-apex-with-Oracle-AutoVue

Oracle APEX with Oracle AutoVue


Generally, to display all kinds of files on the browser, there is a need to install a set of software on each client so that the router can execute the file by installing the plugins. You can do this without installing any additional software through the Oracle AutoVue product. This possibility was first implemented by APEXRAD and we integrated with Oracle APEX.

اوراکل اپکس-apexrad iranmap



APEXRAD PERSIAN MAP has been implemented by the APEXRAD expert team for the Oracle APEX environment, this map does not require any additional tools and is fully integrated into the Oracle APEX platform environment.

اوراکل اپکس-apexrad restaurant application

APEXRAD Restaurant Application


The restaurant application is one of the other APEXRAD products that seeks to mechanize and systematize bookings and kitchen food for a company or factory, or any organization that has a kitchen and a responsibility to cook for employees of the organization..

شرکت پایا شتابان اندیشه (APEXRAD)-تقویم فارسی

Persian DatePicker(FREE)


By default, the Oracle APEX has a calendar Gregorian, and this was one of the developers’ concerns because they had to use jQuery plugins to display history, and the more important is the history as type String was stored in the database, not type DATE. This caused a slowdown in queries using the date field in the where clause and it will effect on performance.

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